Gritting in the Midlands

November 25, 2020

Snow Clearing, Grit Salt & Road Gritting in the Midlands, UK

Do you need someone to grit and clear snow at your premises in the Midlands?

You’ve come to the right place!

West Midlands based have provided gritting, road gritting, grit salt and snow clearing services to the Midlands for over 15 years. Its so simple to set up and it wont cost you the earth, wheather your an small office or 20 acre university site. We cover it all and you only pay for when we visit. We grit overnight to cause little disruption and can protect your driveways, car parks, entrances, fire exits, pathways and roads with our road gritting service.

So why choose Us?

1 - 15 years experience

2 - Professional equipment used with certified contractor backed with a excellent customer service

3 - We also grit fire exits, driveways, car parks, entrances, stairs, paths and walkways

4 - We only grit overnight to cause no disruption to the site

5 - Vehicle tracking allows for a record of attendance as well as encouraging productivity and efficiency

6 - There are no contracts, you are free to leave whenever you wish, there is nothing to sign.

7 - We monitor the weather professionally using Met office reports specific to areas

8 - We can contact you to ask your permission to grit your site. So you are in control.

9 - We offer a full snow clearing service to accompany the gritting.
10 - office team work during 7am-6pm,  24/7 contact number that is available to deal with any further questions or queries.

How do our Midlands gritting services work?

  1. forecast bad weather and send you a met office report and recommendation.
  2. You give us the go-ahead.
  3. We spread grit salt and rock salt overnight, de-icing your premises ready for the morning.

It’s that simple! There’s no contract to sign and we charge on a Pay As You Go basis.

Do we cover your area?


NEWS : Many gritting contractors will advise that by paying a fixed cost up front for the winter season will cover you from October til April. For example they calculate that they will visit your site 30 times @ £85 per run in a season and therefore will cost £2550.

So what happens when it is a bad winter and you will need more than 30 visits?

Nothing happens.

The contractor will race up to 20 visits, then fall away towards 30 then you wont receive any visits and your property will be unprotected. Why would the contractor come out and make a loss when they have calculated to visit you 30 times that season?

How do we know this? we have taken on many customers who had set up there winter maintenance this way and they informed us of the problems they received.

So what happens if we have a mild winter, like this season?

Simple – You have completely overpaid for something you won’t receive, wasting your budget.

Would it not be more simple to pay as you go with a long established company who takes the time to analyses the weather before making a decision to grit or not?

We don’t sign customers into contracts so you can try us and leave if you are not happy at any time. We only grit as and when it’s required so you are never over or under gritted. We can save your budget by actually applying brainpower and science and give you the reassurance of a long established, professional gritting and snow clearing service.

Call 0845 468 2399 or email Midlands branch offers an established overnight service and across the following areas within the whole of the Midlands for:

  • Gritting Birmingham
  • Gritting Coventry
  • Gritting Solihull
  • Gritting Wolverhampton
  • Gritting Dudley
  • Gritting Telford
  • Gritting Coventry
  • Gritting Warwick
  • Gritting Stratford upon Avon
  • Gritting Evesham
  • Gritting Cheltenham
  • Gritting Redditch
  • Gritting Bromsgrove
  • Gritting Rugby
  • Gritting Derby
  • Gritting Nottinghamshire
  • Gritting Worcestershire
  • Gritting Leicestershire
  • Gritting Gloucestershire
  • Gritting Telford
  • Gritting Oxfordshire
  • Gritting Leamington Spa
  • Gritting Kettering
  • Gritting Leicester
  • Gritting Nottingham
  • Gritting Gloucester
  • Gritting Worcester
  • Gritting Warwick

See us in action!